Biolytx Pharmaceuticals Targets Drug-Resistant Bacteria

March 25 , 2015 – Excerpt from: Oklahoma JustGoodNews.Biz 

OKLAHOMA CITY — In 2004, i2E launched a “Meet the Scientist” speaker series in which Oklahoma researchers presented their findings to a local audience that was eager to hear about the potential of scientific discoveries.

PHOTO: Dr. Anne Pereira, Dean of OU Health Sciences Center Graduate College and Associate Dean for Research at OU College of Pharmacy. Photo courtesy of i2e

The first “Meet the Scientist” presentation featured Dr. Anne Pereira, who was then an associate professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

Pereira discussed her groundbreaking research the discovery of a peptide based on a naturally occurring protein called CAP37. The CAP37 peptide showed potential to kill bacteria that have become resistant to standard antibiotics used around the world.